Cervinia summer skiing

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The winter season has sadly almost passed without the possibility of enjoying the splendid mountains and ski slopes ... nothing is lost though! Summer skiing will give us the opportunity to do the much-needed skiing and to recover part of what was lost during the winter season! So let's prepare skis and boots and try to understand the best destinations to consider for our exciting summer skiing!

Do you want to ski during summer time? You can! Let's discover where..


The first question to ask is where to ski in the summer and try to understand which are the most suitable slopes for our summer skiing ..

In Italy there are four places to practice summer skiing: all have glaciers and are located at high altitudes.

    • - Passo dello Stelvio

It is one of the largest summer ski areas in Europe, located at 2,768 meters above sea level and has 20 km of slopes and 6 ski lifts. This destination is particularly suitable for those who are beginners and want to improve their technique thanks to the presence of many simple slopes.

The start of the summer skiing in Italy coincides with the opening of the lifts at the Passo dello Stelvio, in occasion of the "White Feeling”, an event taking place from the 2nd to 6th of June 2021: expert instructors will guide you on freeride routes in unspoiled nature.

    • - Passo del Tonale

Thanks to the Presena glacier, it is rather considered as spring skiing, generally it closes at the end of June. It has excellent slopes, you can practice slalom and giant.

    • - Val Senales

Along with the Giogo Alto glacier it is another location for summer skiing but with early closure during the hottest weeks of summer.


Summer skiing in Cervinia

Cervinia is very popular for summer skiing: it is the very only allowing you to ski on both the Italian and Swiss sides and a cross-border pass is used to go from one side to the other.

Plateau Rosa is the skiable glacier with the highest altitude in Europe: the tracks are between 3,480 and 3,900 meters above sea level. The slopes extend for 26 km and are for beginners but also for more experienced skiers: the Italian side includes 5.5 km while the remaining 21 km belong to the Swiss side of the Zermatt ski area, the best way to reach the Swiss side is from the Italian one. 

The ski area also features a snow park and the Gravity park of Plateau Rosa.

Cervinia is the ideal destination for those who love summer skiing and want to enjoy relaxation and the countless activities that the mountains can offer in summer: walks among the flowery meadows, trekking, mountaineering but also horseback riding and mountain biking. For bike lovers there are downhill and cross country tracks. It will also be very pleasant to spend time sunbathing on the glacier which will guarantee an enviable tan!


Summer skiing - tips to enjoy it to the fullest

More and more people choose to spend their Summer holiday in the mountains, away from the summer heat. Those who decide to practice summer skiing have to follow some small precautions that will make the holiday absolutely perfect!

    • - High altitude setting

To avoid altitude sickness it would be advisable to climb slowly to altitude and wait for the body to get used to it. In case of headache, shortness of breath and nausea it will be necessary to descend and give the body time to get used to it.

    • - Dress appropriately

During summer skiing it will be necessary to use technical and breathable clothing, the ideal is to dress in layers: the first layer in contact with the skin must be breathable, the second of light material will be useful in case of lower temperatures but should not be too heavy in case of intense heat, the third layer must necessarily be waterproof. It is important to use a scarf or bandana to avoid blows.

    • - Sunscreen and protection

Sunscreen with a very high protection factor and cocoa butter for those who ski in the summer, is important to avoid skin damages. Sunglasses are important to protect the eyes.

    • - Drink a lot

At high altitudes, it is essential to hydrate often.

Have you already chosen the ideal destination for your summer holidays? Choose the perfect solution for you!