Ski World Cup 2022

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Autumn 2022 is approaching and with it a unique event: the Ski World Cup race for the first time in Cervinia-Zermatt. The men's downhill will take place on 29/30 October while the women's downhill will take place on 5/6 November. 

Here are all the answers to your curiosities and information to participate in the highest altitude World Cup and the first cross-border race in history!

for the first time in Cervinia-Zermatt

The slope on which the Ski World Cup will take place is called "Gran Becca" which in the local dialect means great peak. The Matterhorn will be the backdrop to this important race.


Ski World Cup 2022


We will start from Swiss territory on the Gobba di Rollin above Zermatt at an altitude of about 3,800 meters, and finish above Cervinia in Laghi Cime Bianche at about 2865 meters.

The track is immersed in a majestic panorama and is mostly located on a glacier of breathtaking rocks. The difference in height is about 935 meters, is about 4 km long, and will have an alternation of artificial snow with natural snow. Typical curves of the descent will allow athletes to reach up to 135 km / h and there will be two jumps in the final part, with the second leading directly to the finish line.

Two thirds of the route will be visible from the finish line, a very interesting opportunity for spectators who will be able to purchase tickets to watch the race.


How to reach the finish line area of ​​the race

It is possible to reach the finish line either from the Italian front starting from Cervinia or from the Swiss front starting from Zermatt:


From Cervinia:

- Using the ski lifts from Cervinia (2050 m) to Plan Maison (2555 m), then from Plan Maison to the Cime Bianche lakes. A path of about 150 m on foot leads directly to the finish area.

- Estimated time is 45 minutes.

- The cable car will be accessible only to those who have the ticket which will be checked at the entrance.


From Zermatt

- Using the ski lifts from Zermatt (1620m) to Trockner Steg (2939m), and from Trockner Steg to Klein Matterhorn (3883m). From Klein Matterhorn, only on skis, through a red slope you reach Testa Grigia. The Ventina trail will be closed to the public because it will be used for the race. From Testa grigia you will have to take the cable car to Laghi Cime Bianche. A path of about 150 m on foot leads directly to the finish area.

- Estimated time is 60 minutes.

- Only people with an entrance ticket can access the Testa Grigia cable car.

- Ski equipment is mandatory.

- The first part of the race, from the start to the Italian-Swiss border, is accessible to the public free of charge. There is no entrance ticket.


2022 Ski World Cup: details and information

95% of the track on which the race will take place already exists, only a few adjustments will be needed to create the trail. The part in Switzerland is spread over a natural glacier.

Being on a glacier, natural snow is guaranteed for most of the route. Artificial snow will be used only in the lower part if necessary through an existing system powered by glacier water.

It will not be necessary to build large protections at the edges of the track because there are neither trees nor cliffs that put the athletes at risk. Safety nets and protective mattresses will be used and will be disassembled at the end of the races, thus ensuring a reduced environmental impact.


Ski World Cup 2022: tickets

Tickets have different categories and will be on sale only online on the official website.

The opening of sales is expected shortly and will be communicated through the web channels.