Family Ski Holiday in Italy

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Organizing a family ski holiday in Italy is a unique experience: children will be captivated by the magic of snow, and fun is guaranteed... paying attention to a few small details will make your holidays in Italy with children perfect!

Useful Tips for Organizing family ski holiday in Italy

Organizing the best family ski holiday in Italy and ensuring you've thought of everything to make it an unforgettable experience for children is possible; you just need to be informed and prepared to meet their needs.

Organize your vacation in a child-friendly accommodation

Skiing on the snow with children: at what age to start?

If you are planning a family ski holiday with children, you might wonder at what age it is best to start them skiing. In general, many experts recommend waiting until at least 4 years of age before letting children wear skis (8 years for snowboarding). At this age, children have developed good coordination and sufficient balance to face their first experiences on the snow.

However, every child is different and may be ready earlier or take more time to learn. It is important to listen to their needs and preferences and not force them to do something they are not ready for. For children up to 3 years old, you can start getting acquainted with skiing and snow in playgrounds equipped with small ski lifts or gentle slopes.

It's always best to rely on a ski school to start; the instructor can immediately teach the child proper technical skills, help them learn the basics of skiing, and teach the rules to follow on the slopes.

It will also be important to decide whether to choose an individual lesson for the child, which will undoubtedly yield immediate results, or a group lesson that will allow them to make new friends.

Family ski holiday in Italy: What Altitude is Recommended for Children? 

0 to 2 years
Below 2000 meters, there is no problem for newborns and infants; it is not recommended to go to a higher altitude.

2 to 5 years
You can go up to 2500/3000 meters, making some stops to avoid rapid changes in altitude.

5 to 10 years
They generally tolerate stays at medium altitude up to 3000 meters.

Over 10 years
No restrictions for children over 10 years who are already able to tolerate altitude and describe any symptoms or discomfort.

The Exciting Experience of family ski holiday in Italy

Snow holidays with children offer an exciting and unforgettable experience. Besides skiing, there are many other activities that can engage the little ones. For example, you can organize snowshoeing excursions, allowing children to explore the beauty of snowy landscapes.

If children are not interested in skiing, you can enroll them in ice skating courses or organize a snowman-building competition. Additionally, many locations offer snow play parks with slides and swings specially designed for young children.

Cervinia is a child-friendly town with various options to entertain children who don't want to ski:

Kid zone fun park Breuil-Cervinia

Ideal for children aged 1 to 10, it is located in the town center right at the departure of the Cretaz chairlift. For parents, there are sun loungers to supervise the little ones while enjoying the splendid landscape with a view of the Matterhorn. For the little ones, the playground includes:

- Inflatables
- Inner tubes
- Snow play toys
- Slide
- Little house
- Treadmill with 2 descent lanes

Several refreshment points and a beautiful ice skating rink are just a few meters away.

Ski School of Cervino Playground

After a good ski lesson or for younger children, the Ski School of Cervino has created a playground in the town center and a short walk from the chairlift departure. The playground is suitable for children aged 2 to 12 and offers:

- Inflatables
- Palette slopes
- Sun loungers for parents

Winter park Valtournenche

At the arrival of the Valtournenche-Salette cable car, a true snow playground awaits. Suitable for children up to 8 years old, it offers:

- 2 treadmills Shapes
- Tunnels
- Arches
- Inflatable
- Carousel ride
- Bob track

It has loungers and a sunbathing area for parents. A few steps away are two typical mountain huts where you can enjoy a steaming fondue of Valdostan fontina cheese.

Ice Rink

In Cervinia, in the heart of the village, the charming ice rink is ideal not only for skating but also for organizing, by reservation, hockey or curling matches.

Family ski holiday in Italy: Discovering the Most Picturesque Locations

Family ski holiday in Italy also involve discovering picturesque places, accessible only on foot or through an exciting cable car ride to explore enchanting and timeless locations.

Plateau Rosa

A unique opportunity to see the great four-thousanders up close: Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, and Monte Rosa. With a bit of luck, you may even spot eagles. The interactive museum near the arrival station is an opportunity to discover how the lift systems in the area were conceived and built. Plateau Rosa is reached from Cervinia with a 6-seater cable car to Plan Maison, then a 12-seater cable car to Cime Bianche and finally taking the modern cable car with large windows to fully enjoy the panorama up to Plateau Rosa.


A very picturesque village reachable only on foot or by cable car, where cars do not circulate. The convenient cable car reaches the center of the village where you can immediately take advantage of the panoramic play area or venture onto trails suitable for children because they are flat and dotted with educational panels on the theme of energy.

Lago Blu

Between Valtournenche and Cervinia, it is the most photographed and suggestive body of water because it is so clear that it reflects the Matterhorn. Surrounded by centuries-old larch trees, it creates a magical and timeless atmosphere.

Family ski holiday in Italy: What to Pack?

It is essential to carefully prepare your suitcase to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. To not forget anything, just follow the 3 golden rules to decide what to pack.

In addition to appropriate cold-weather clothing such as coats, thermal sweaters, and gloves, it is important to include specific equipment for children such as helmets, sunglasses, and thermal socks.

Don't forget high-protection sunscreens to protect the delicate skin of children from intense UV rays at high altitudes. Also, remember to bring fun games and activities to keep them entertained during break times. With a well-organized and complete suitcase, you'll be ready to make the most of your family ski holiday in Italy with your little budding skiers at the majestic Matterhorn.